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Supply chain management is the management of the flow of goods and services from company to buyer. It includes the production process, manufacturing process and distribution process, till the point of consumption. To accomplish this task, companies create a network, from suppliers of the raw material to the organizations that deal directly with the end users. Supply chain management is the arrangement of associations, people, data, exercises and assets required to move substantial and impalpable items and administrations from provider to customer. It includes the transformation of raw materials, natural products and components into finished goods that are delivered to end customers.

Averiware’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) module streamlines purchasing and inventory management tasks by providing decision support and automating purchase requests and other recurring procurement steps. The SCM module provides data and imbedded controls to shorten lead times and expedite procurement actions. With greater accuracy, insight, and streamlined processes provided by SCM, you will avoid most excess inventory costs and ‘stock-outs’ that negatively impact customers’ current needs and longer term loyalty.

Features of Supply Chain Management

  • Convert inventory requisitions to purchase orders at the click of a button
  • Create and track purchase orders for inventory and service items for multiple locations
  • Unlimited notes/specifications at line item level with data feed to inventory and sales management
  • Warnings when established credit limit with a supplier is exceeded
  • Purchase request authorization includes digital signature if desired
  • Vendor price list management
  • Electronic submission of purchase orders to vendors
  • Make and track prepayments without vendors’ invoices
  • Make and track advance payments with automatic application to invoices
  • Backorder visibility
  • Item association to multiple vendors
  • Unlimited number of items
  • Inventory quantity tracking
  • Create inventory items ‘on the fly’ from transaction entry screens
  • Select standard or (weighted) average costing
  • Item serialization control
  • Multiple pricing and discount levels with quantity tiers
  • ‘Soft’ allocation of inventory items
  • Reorder point and minimum order quantity
  • Inventory adjustments for quantity and cost
  • Return Materials Authorization (RMA) with one click Shipping Document and Debit Memo
  • Inventory handling for multiple locations with transfer capability
  • Kitting and de-kitting of inventory and service items with automatic cost calculation
  • Automatic notification to buyers of items at reorder levels and pending requisitions
  • Inventory item specifications/quality clauses/inspection instructions
  • Authorized vendors for all inventory items
  • Look at data content in inventory master file